Insights and trends on augmented reality and advanced manufacturing technology

Combining Collaborative Robots and Augmented Reality

Today’s technologies open up big possibilities for manufacturing assembly operations—such as pairing up collaborative robots with augmented reality technology. Automation World explores this match up in an article featuring Light Guide Systems and our partnership with Kubica Corp. and Universal Robots.

The article features a video demonstration of Light Guide Systems in action from our booth at Automate 2017.

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Matching the machine: ‘Augmented Reality’ has potential to boost business productivity

Augmented reality has found a frontier in manufacturing, driving new efficiencies and operator productivity while reducing errors and improving the bottom line. The business sense and broader operational capabilities of projection-based AR tech in the manufacturing space is the focus of a feature story by Dustin Walsh in Crain’s Detroit Business.

The piece details our innovative AR technology and outlines critical applications for manufactures in a number of industries.

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Introducing Light Guide Systems Pro, A “Blended Reality” Tech Tool

As the world’s leading augmented reality tool, Light Guide Systems has transformed manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies across the globe.

In an ever-changing enterprise landscape, we’re constantly seeking out ways to make our technology even better – that’s why we partnered with global computing giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) to launch Light Guide Systems Pro.

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How Practical AR Tech Tools Can Transform Manufacturing Processes

In a Q&A interview with Manufacturing Tomorrow magazine, OPS Solutions President and CEO Paul Ryznar talks about how VR, blended reality and AR tech tools can integrate into existing manufacturing systems to improve processes and opportunities for human operators.

Our visual AR guidance system is remarkably universal. Not only is it able to adapt to near infinite applications, but it engages operators in an intuitive and user-friendly manner that makes completing a complex sequence of steps as simple as following the lights.

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OPS Solutions Uses Augmented Reality to Boost Manufacturing Process

Right now, OPS Solutions is growing at a rocket-ship pace. With a newly expanded headquarters in Wixom and a talented team of engineers, Light Guide Systems’ proprietary AR software is continuing to gain traction among a powerful array of clients in more than a dozen countries around the world.

In a profile story with Xconomy magazine, OPS Solutions President and CEO Paul Ryznar shares insight into the company’s extreme growth pattern, along with his insights into the company’s trajectory and visionary insight into the future of the industry.

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Light Guide Systems Pro™ the Newest Technology from Light Guide Systems and Hewlett Packard

Light Guide Systems, an augmented reality tool that is transforming manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies worldwide, is working with HP Inc., to launch a new technology tool—Light Guide Systems Pro. Utilizing the immersive computing platform Sprout Pro by HP, Light Guide Systems Pro modernizes manual assembly processes in commercial and education applications.

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