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6 Things Our Team Wants to Build Next Using AR

Here at OPS Solutions, we use augmented reality to help companies better visualize complex assembly processes so they can improve the way products are manufactured.

While we work hard to deliver transformational solutions for customers in a variety of industries, our team also has fun coming up with creative and amusing ways to demonstrate the versatility of our practical AR tool, Light Guide Systems—like the time we built a game of human pong for our open house event, or a bartending demo for a restaurant trade show.

As professional tinkerers, we’re constantly thinking about what we can build using AR next. So, I recently went around the office asking members of our staff: If you could use Light Guide Systems to build anything, what would it be?

Here’s what they had to say:

Miranda Perry | Software Engineer

My dream future is one where I can 3D-print parts from the Internet for literally any product I could ever want and assemble them using Light Guide Systems. I don’t think we’re too far off from making that a reality!

Brad Foley | AR System Design Engineering Team Lead

If I could use Light Guide Systems to build anything, it would be a tank because they are really complicated. Or, an Arc Reactor, which is Iron Man’s energy source. Tony Stark, hit us up!

Mikayla Ray | AR Software Engineer 

I really want to see Light Guide System assembly bays at IKEA to help people build their own furniture in-store. The company may pride themselves on easy-to-assemble products, but have you ever tried to put together one of their bed frames? Rocket science.

Steve Griffin | Senior Director AR Sales 

Speaking of rocket science, I’d use Light Guide to build a SpaceX rocket ship. Rocket ships are cool, and our technology is already heavily utilized in aerospace manufacturing. Elon Musk, let’s talk!

Michael Savino | Advanced Projects Engineer 

I think Light Guide Systems works best when it is used strictly for guidance. That being said, a manual process like constructing a pizza or instructing an aspiring chef how to cook a tricky meal would be a really cool application. Getting a low-cost, all-in-one version of our AR software could really open up our possibilities and markets.

Courtney Meyers | AR System Design Engineer

One unexplored application for Light Guide Systems is repacking a suitcase before a return trip. It is a common occurrence that a person will get their suitcase perfectly packed for a business trip or vacation but be unable to replicate the game of Tetris when they try to repack it.

With Light Guide, instructions could be made when first packing the case, and then run when repacking it to achieve the same perfect fit. It would even be feasible to account for substitutions if things were anticipated to be removed or added. While not a perfect application by any means, it is an intriguing concept, especially with the progress being made on wearable AR technology.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for the next exciting opportunity and ready to solve any manufacturing problem. Send us a message if you have a challenge for us to tackle using augmented reality!

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Brian Close

Brian Close

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