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CES 2018: Our Team’s Key Takeaways from the Trade Show Floor

At the start of each year, more than 200,000 people descend upon Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show – the world’s largest conference for new and innovative consumer technologies, and the chance for leading tech manufacturers to show off their latest products.

The event showcases everything from digital health and 3D printing to artificial intelligence and – for the first time at CES 2018 – Light Guide Systems enterprise AR technology.

In collaboration with our partners at Panasonic, HP and 3D camera manufacturer Orbbec, we created an interactive booth at CES that uniquely showcased the power and flexibility of our practical augmented reality software.

Light Guide Systems at CES 2018

Using the guidance of Light Guide Systems, CES attendees had the opportunity to walk through the manual process of building an Amazon Echo Dot solely by following projector-based AR work instructions. Check out the demonstration in action:

As part of the demonstration, we used two Orbbec cameras as the driver for operator interaction. One camera was built into an HP Sprout Pro computer – from which Light Guide Systems operates – to detect part presence and soft button functionality.

A second Orbbec camera was mounted next to the Sprout to ensure the operator was reaching for the proper parts. In addition to these active cameras, we used Light Guide Systems to partially assemble Orbbec’s brand new DuriPOD camera casing.

We also added a Panasonic projector to show CES attendees how Light Guide Systems can be expanded to fit various manufacturing and work requirements.

A Partnership in Success 

OPS Solutions has had a long history with Panasonic as the main supplier of projectors for our systems. We work closely with their team to provide Light Guide Systems customers with the best possible hardware to accompany their augmented reality software. You’ll also see Panasonic projectors – such as their new Space Player – in many of our demonstration videos and trade show booths.

Our relationship with Orbbec is a bit newer, as 3D cameras have more recently become an integral part of how Light Guide Systems functions. We spent over a year working with and testing their cameras before deploying them to our customers and see great potential in how they can fit into our systems. Our partnership at CES 2018 was a great chance to meet more members of their world-class team.

Feedback from CES 2018 Attendees

With hundreds of thousands of CES attendees, we were thrilled at the opportunity to show off our practical AR technology. Overall, we received positive feedback from people who stopped at our booth and answered dozens of different questions – ranging from how Light Guide Systems is programmed and how our technology is deployed to whether or not it would be better used as a wearable.

Our team found CES attendees to be engaged and interested in discussing the future both in terms of where projection AR will continue to fit into manufacturing, and where we will see new enterprise AR technology, such as wearables, step in over the next decade.

While an overwhelming majority of attendees at CES 2018 were not in manufacturing roles (especially compared to most of the events we attend), we still saw a large number of manufacturers come through our booth—many of which were pleasantly surprised to find an augmented reality technology that is already working for enterprises and industry, and doesn’t need adaptation to the rigors of a factory floor.

Overall, the OPS Solutions team had a great time exhibiting with Panasonic, HP and Orbbec at CES 2018, and we look forward to working with them in expanding the applications for enterprise AR technology in manufacturing and beyond.

Interested in learning more about how enterprise AR can benefit your company’s operations? Send us a message.

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Brian Close

Brian Close

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