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Introducing a New Smart Prep Table for Food Preparation

Augmented reality technology has wide-ranging applications in a variety of industries, including the ability to enhance food preparation processes for restaurant kitchens of all kinds.

As we look to introduce the restaurant industry to the many advantages AR technology offers, we’re pleased to announce we’ve teamed up with HP, Inc. and L2F,  an innovation company within the Middleby Corporation that leverages robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for the food and beverage industry, to launch the L2F Smart Prep Table!

The L2F Smart Prep Table combines the power of the Sprout Pro by HP and the unique capabilities of Light Guide Systems’ augmented reality work instructions with end-to-end solutions expertise from L2F to offer quick-service restaurants an innovative solution to achieve higher quality, productivity and training effectiveness across their operations.


As a result, work instructions are projected directly onto the surface to guide the operator through the process, providing audio and visual guidance, pacing and direction. The platform also utilizes 3D sensing camera technology to verify that all menu items are assembled to the chef’s specifications, which standardizes the process and ensures that food is prepared consistently and correctly every time. A digital birth certificate is also generated which records analytics related to operator badge numbers, cycle times, defects, ingredients used, product produced, and overall proficiency scores.

We recently had the opportunity to show off this new and innovative advancement in restaurant technology at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois.

Our technology brings a critical level of functionality and flexibility to improve outcomes for nearly any industry that utilizes an assembly process, and the restaurant world is no exception. By providing a streamlined, efficient process, restaurateurs can reduce costs through faster staff training and timeorder error reductions to create a positive and consistent consumer experience.

Interested in learning more about the applications for AR in the food and beverage industry? Continue reading to discover how AR technology is being leveraged in food and beverage manufacturing facilities. Or, send us a message to get in touch with our team!

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Paul Ryznar

Paul Ryznar

Engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Paul Ryznar created Light Guide Systems and is the founder, president and CEO of Wixom, Mich.-based OPS Solutions. The technology uses proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm the completion of complex tasks from automotive assembly to quality control to training. Prior to Light Guide Systems’ invention in 2005, he held senior management roles at Detroit Diesel and Bosch, as well as vice president of production technology at Energy Conversion Devices—more than 30 years of manufacturing experience.
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