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Light Guide Systems Announces New Software Updates

Installing CPU processorAt OPS Solutions, we’re always looking to innovate and evolve our Light Guide Systems technology. It’s what keeps us on the cutting edge of the industry, especially at a time when enterprise augmented reality is on the rise.

Our close work with Light Guide Systems customers in real-world production environments allows us the unique opportunity of modifying and refining an already powerful solution.

We take great pride in actively listening to our customers, and use their feedback to make software improvements that meet new and emerging needs.

That’s why we’re excited to announce several new Light Guide System updates – developed by our talented team of software engineers – that make our AR technology even more powerful and intuitive.

Update to User Functionality

In an effort to streamline the user experience – not just for the manufacturing operator, but also for those authoring work instructions – we’ve made the Light Guide Systems interface much more accessible and easy to navigate.

A new bar at the top of the main application allows you to easily access commonly used menus, such as File, Edit, View and Insert. We have also added the option to open recent programs in the ‘File’ menu.

Additionally, keyboard shortcuts are now directly accessible from the Help menu – a feature that makes navigation much simpler.

These functionality enhancements help our customers meet increased demand for highly customized products, and allow work instruction authors to effortlessly make changes as new products are added.

Update to Vision Programs

Light Guide Systems now has the ability to run multiple vision programs at the same time, through the use of ‘Observers’. This means our customers can use multiple cameras and sensors at once to monitor large manufacturing cells.

In part kitting areas, our AR technology can be used to guide the pick of those parts – ensuring the operator gets the right part to the line.

This software update – in conjunction with new camera technology – allows Light Guide Systems to more seamlessly guide the operator through large cells, and more accurately verify the right parts are being selected for assembly.

We see this application being used to improve efficiency in several sectors of manufacturing – including distribution centers and 3PL companies.

These Light Guide Systems software updates are just another step in our ongoing process of making increasingly powerful, accessible and dynamic AR tools and technologies. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message.

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Brian Close

Brian Close

Brian Close is the Executive Director of Sales for OPS Solutions. Brian has over 10 years of experience managing sales, manufacturing and engineering operations including managing implementation of new manufacturing equipment and processes with processes and managing $20M+ portfolio of contract engineering projects. Brian holds a BS, Materials Science & Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a MBA from the University of Michigan.
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