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Meet OPS Solutions AR Software Engineer Mikayla Ray

OPS Solutions wouldn’t be a global leader in augmented reality manufacturing technology without the world’s greatest team making it all happen behind the scenes. Our employees work vigorously to keep Light Guide Systems (our projection-based AR technology) at the cutting-edge of enterprise AR solutions, and each one has a story we want to share. This week, we’re shining a spotlight on Mikayla Ray, an AR software and development engineer on our team.

Tell us about yourself, and how you got started in your career.

I have lived and traveled all across the United States, but have been a proud resident of Michigan since 2012. I graduated with a degree in computer science from Kettering University, and as a student I had the opportunity to work for several companies of varying sizes—from multi-million-dollar corporations to small start-ups.

Those jobs gave me a diverse set of skills and experiences, from low-level bit manipulation to high-level mobile application development, and everything in between. I believe it’s because of these diverse skill sets that I’m able to take on a wider variety of development projects in my current role at OPS Solutions.

What excited you about the opportunity to join our team at OPS Solutions?

I started working at OPS Solutions on April 1, 2016, finals week of my last academic semester at Kettering. I had a few classes with another development engineer at OPS Solutions, and she referred me to the CTO, who gave me a call.

Even though I was a computer science major, I ended up interviewing for a sales position. I thought a sales role would enable me to learn more about customer requirements and expectations, an all too often overlooked and disregarded factor in software development culture.

Starting out in sales meant I had a lot of insight to offer when I eventually shifted back into a developer role. The experience gave me an edge in explaining the complex technologies we utilize to our customers in easy-to-understand terms.

What does a typical day in your role look like?

I seriously question if there is such a thing as a typical day at OPS Solutions. Depending on what projects I’m working on, I could be at my desk programming all day or running around a manufacturing plant stress-testing my code in a production environment.

There is always something that needs to get done here, so being able to pivot from one activity to another at a moment’s notice to help the greater goals of the team is essential.

What are some of your favorite Light Guide Systems projects that you’ve supported?

While I wasn’t the developer on the project, I greatly enjoyed working with several customers on the software requirements for OPS Solutions’ Live Data Viewer. I came up with the idea by simply listening to customer wants and putting the pieces together in a natural evolution of the product offerings.

What cool projects are you currently working on developing?

I am currently working on communication standard libraries. There are many ways that machines at manufacturing plants communicate with each other, and we have a lot of lessons learned from our many deployments. Because of this, OPS Solutions is uniquely positioned to create a developer industry knowledge base for our company. Stay tuned for more on this!

Interested in building a career at a high-growth company that’s redefining the future of manufacturing? Send us a message to learn more about our career opportunities!

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Brian Close

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