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Meet OPS Solutions Integration Engineer Mackenzie Harris

As a continuation of our employee spotlight series, this week we’re featuring Mackenzie Harris, an integration engineer for OPS Solutions. Continue reading to learn more about his background and how he helps support our industry-leading team.

Tell us a little bit about your background before joining OPS Solutions.

Before coming to OPS Solutions, I spent five years in manufacturing utility and maintenance. My main responsibilities in that role included making sure production was running and that production requirements and timing were met daily.

When did you start working for OPS Solutions, and what made you decide to come work for the company?

I started working for OPS Solutions in the spring of 2018 as an integration engineer. I was interested in learning about their manufacturing AR technology, Light Guide Systems, and how it worked. The company’s technology is a great solution for communicating work instructions for virtually any type of manual process. I wanted to be part of the team that helps the company install AR technology into various manufacturing environments around the world.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like for an Integration Engineer?

A typical day as an integration engineer in-house involves getting the Light Guide Systems ready to be shipped to our customers. This includes pulling everything needed for a specific job from inventory and powering up the projectors, PC, monitors, cameras, etc. We also download, image and install all of the programs needed to run Light Guide Systems. In some cases, the structure is delivered to us first and we integrate the system completely in-house before deploying our technology at a customer site. If we are on-site a typical day could mean installing the Light Guide System, programming work instructions or training the customer.

What was your favorite place that you traveled to for an installation?

My favorite place that I have traveled to for an installation would have to be Arhus, Denmark. I spent a month in Europe, staying in the Czech Republic (where our European headquarters is located), Germany and Denmark. I helped install many systems while I was in Europe, including one of my favorite projects—a system that guided workers through the assembly of a water pump.

Tell us about your favorite Light Guide Application you’ve helped install?

My favorite Light Guide Systems application that I helped install was for a home appliance manufacturer. I learned how to assemble a stand mixer and then programed  the Light Guide System to show the step-by-step assembly process as a training station for new operators.

Since you spend a lot of time in manufacturing plants, what are some Light Guide Systems applications you’ve seen that have made a significant impact on a company’s operations?

One of the applications I have seen that makes the biggest impact for the company is a Light Guide System for creating molds. The employees used to measure the dimensions of the mold manually. Now, a barcode scan inputs the information into Light Guide, then Light Guide does the calculations and projects the dimensions onto the mold to speed up production and improve the accuracy of the mold.

Interested in building a career at a high-growth company that’s redefining the future of manufacturing, or how to work with our team to enhance your own operations? Send us a message to learn more!

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