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Meet OPS Solutions Service Manager & Integration Engineer Mike Holcomb

As a leading global provider of augmented reality manufacturing technology, OPS Solutions would be nothing without the world’s greatest team making it all happen behind the scenes.

In this week’s employee spotlight, we’re featuring Mike Holcomb, a service manager and integration engineer who plays a key role in installing Light Guide Systems here at OPS Solutions. Continue reading to learn more about Mike’s background and how he helps support our industry-leading team.

Tell us a little bit about your background before coming to OPS Solutions.

Prior to working at OPS Solutions, I spent a good portion of my life working as a marine technician. I graduated from the Marine Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida and started working at a local marina as a technician when I moved back to Michigan.

After a year or so, I decided to start my own business, and spent the next several years running a mobile marine repair/shrink-wrapping service from my home. While this experience was quite fulfilling, I eventually decided to move on. I heard about OPS Solutions from a friend and applied as soon as there was an opening.

When did you start working for OPS Solutions and what made you decide to come work for the company? 

I started working at OPS Solutions in September 2016. I had a friend who had been with the company for around 9 months and, after seeing what they provided and the work he got to perform, knew I had to get involved. I had always wanted to travel as part of my profession, so doing that while working with cutting-edge AR technology sounded like a dream.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like for an Integration Engineer?

As an integration engineer, I split my time between working in the office and on-site at customer locations to install Light Guide Systems.

If I’m working in the office, my day usually consists of morning meetings to go over upcoming projects, and to confirm that they’re completely spec’d out before we pull the hardware to begin integration.

The better part of my day is then spent integrating our systems in-house to test the hardware and software prior to shipment. We also try to do some program authoring in-house, which gives us more time for customer training on-site. Additionally, I am currently in charge of shipping & receiving and inventory control.

If I’m on-site at a customer location installing Light Guide Systems, I start with installing the hardware. This consists of anything from assembling the structure and running cabling to mounting projectors, vision sensors and cameras.

I then start authoring the programs—working with the customer’s engineering and production teams to create the most efficient work instructions possible. Finally, we end our trips with run-off to verify the system’s functionality, conduct training and ensure everything is operating to the customer’s expectation.

What are your responsibilities as a Service Manager? 

As the service manager, I organize the service program internally and take responsibility for making sure our customers receive the service they need. This includes reviewing any open service tickets, reaching out to OPS Solutions employees assigned for updates, following up with customers for feedback, coordinating with customers for activations or renewals of their plans and more.

When we receive a service request, I am responsible for making sure the ticket gets assigned and that the proper parties are aware of the request—often working directly with our customers to assist with system upgrades or other service needs.

I also manage all of OPS Solution’s customer success plans and credit tracking, which includes running reports for account managers and upper management, formalizing service documentation and processes, and creating knowledge articles about our service plans.

What was your favorite place that you’ve traveled to for a Light Guide installation?

This is a tough question, since I have visited so many interesting places around the world. But I love going on installs in the coastal United States, particularly Massachusetts and Mississippi because of their deliciously fresh seafood.

The most interesting place I have been so far would have to be my two trips to India. In general, I thoroughly enjoy experiencing different cultures and introducing new and innovative technologies like Light Guide Systems to those areas.

Tell us about your favorite Light Guide Systems installation.

My favorite Light Guide System that I helped install was for a customer that integrated it onto a rolling cart. The cart was on an 80-foot line and, as it moves down, Light Guide Systems instructs operators on which bin to pull parts from. It also guides on where to correctly place the part in the outgoing crate. This may not seem interesting to some, but seeing Light Guide Systems in a more “mobile” application was quite interesting to me.

Since you spend a lot of time in manufacturing plants, what are some Light Guide applications that you’ve seen really make an impact for the company?

Honestly, all of our systems make an impact. Especially having prior experience in a plant environment, I know things can often be missed or forgotten. Our systems ensure everything is caught each time to avoid those errors. I have heard great things from line operators expressing their thankfulness for Light Guide Systems making their jobs easier and helping to increase the quality of their products.

If you could go anywhere in the world to install Light Guide Systems, where would it be? 

Funny enough, I have a sort of Light Guide Systems installation “bucket list”. I won’t list all the destinations, but some of the top countries include Australia, Japan and Italy. But trust me when I say the full list is quite long.

Interested in building a career at a high-growth company that’s redefining the future of manufacturing, or how to work with our team to enhance your own operations? Send us a message to learn more!

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