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Announcing LightGuideAR Software 4.1

Software Release Product Diagram

OPS Solutions is proud to announce the latest release of our LightGuideAR Software, Release 4.1.  LightGuideAR Release 4.1 is the software engine that powers all of our Light Guide Systems, including the Classic, Pro, SpotGuide, SightGuide, and TrainAR products.  LightGuideAR Release 4.1 is packed with powerful new features and capabilities, including:

Our new Observatory Vision toolset is built right into the LighGuideAR application, with features such as pattern recognition, blob tools, and edge recognition.  We now support new vision and sensing devices including Microsoft’s Azure Kinect with superior depth performance, and the 4K Brio Cameras (8MP) for snapshots and vision algorithms.  We also support Basler GigE cameras.

LightGuideAR Software 4.1 also includes an improved and simplified Programming Interface with Step Templates to quickly and easily generate work instructions.  Now you can Copy and Paste images and text into these Step Templates from standard document format such as .PPT, .Doc, and HTML/ Web pages.  These templates allow for a “Slide By Slide” programming mode, to easily author work instructions similar to popular desktop presentation software. Also, the graphics functionality now features CAD-style Snap Tools and capabilities.  And, we now offer a Standard WebAPI Interface to program custom interfaces to LightGuideAR.

LightGuideAR Release 4.1 now offers better integration with AR wearables, including the Microsoft Hololens II, Realwear, and Vuzix headsets.

To learn more about LightGuideAR Release 4.1, including an online demo and discussion of your potential applications, please contact us for more information.

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