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OPS Solutions to Display the Power of Enterprise AR at HANNOVER MESSE 2018


A new frontier in global manufacturing has arrived, and Industry 4.0 is at its forefront.

Enterprise augmented reality, in particular, is transforming the modern manufacturing process and profoundly benefitting the growing number of factories that invest in it, in the areas of quality, training, efficiency and more.

As one of the leading enterprise AR companies in the world, we’re on a mission to inform and educate manufacturers everywhere about the numerous benefits of adopting this revolutionary technology.

That’s why we are attending HANNOVER MESSE 2018—the world’s largest industrial trade show—in Hanover, Germany, from April 23-27. More than 6,500 exhibitors from 70+ nations will be convening at the event to display the latest and greatest Industry 4.0 innovations, from IT and R&D to industrial automation and engineering.

Along with our partners from Automation Alley–a nonprofit technology and manufacturing business acceleration association, and Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center–we will be occupying part of a large exhibition space at Hall 1, Stand D66/1.

At the booth, attendees will be given the opportunity to experience Light Guide Systems PRO firsthand, with the task of manufacturing a smart home device using our AR-projected and light guided work instructions.

This will be a great opportunity for our team to network with companies throughout the globe, explore the latest Industry 4.0 trends and, most importantly, get new people acquainted with the broad applications of practical AR technology.

Displaying the Power of Enterprise AR at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 

While HANNOVER MESSE attendees are interacting with Light Guide Systems technology, our team will be explaining how AR serves as a proven solution to common manufacturing challenges faced by companies around the world.


Designed to make monitor- and paper-based manufacturing work instructions obsolete, practical AR tools like Light Guide Systems use a combination of high-powered projectors and industrial-grade cameras to give operators essential information in the right place, at the right time, directly onto a work surface. At one factory that adopted our technology, users documented a 90% reduction in errors, and an 80% improvement in process quality.


Worldwide, the manufacturing landscape has been dramatically altered due to an aging workforce, a shortage of new workers and a gap in skills needed to fill empty positions. To combat the need for better training, manufacturers adopt projector-based AR technology that can walk virtually anyone through even the most technical tasks step by step–drastically reducing the ramp-up time for new hires.


Unexpected manufacturing roadblocks, like component misalignment and bottlenecks, prevent factories from achieving maximum efficiency. Enterprise AR fixes that by seamlessly integrating into workstations and working in concert with existing tools and equipment to standardize complex assembly tasks. As a result, manufacturers have experienced a 38% reduction in overall process time, and a 40-50% reduction in cycle time when their operators used Light Guide Systems in place of traditional work instructions.

Not attending the event and interested in learning more about augmented reality in manufacturing? Send us a message, and a member of our solutions team will be in touch to learn more about your challenges and talk through potential solutions.

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Brian Close

Brian Close

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