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OPS Solutions Launches Light Guide Stratus in Partnership with HP

Today’s rapidly changing technology landscape demands constant innovation, and we could not be more proud of our team’s relentless focus on continuous improvement.

In 2005, we figured out a way to use augmented reality to help manufacturers drive operational processes with precision and speed and have been harnessing the power of AR technology ever since.

As makers and tinkerers by nature, we enjoy taking on challenging projects and get fired up about the opportunity to develop tools and technology that lead to exciting breakthroughs in manufacturing excellence.

Our best ideas are often born from real-world client feedback, and with more than a decade of experience developing manufacturing AR technology for leading manufacturers around the world, we’ve been able to build on our system’s core capabilities to add new functionality and meet emerging needs.

As part of our focus on continuous improvement, we embarked on a partnership with global computing giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) to launch Light Guide Systems Pro in 2016. The system incorporated our proprietary AR software into the powerful yet compact Sprout Pro PC platform, producing a portable version of our Light Guide Systems Classic technology.

As demand for such flexible and powerful AR guidance systems has grown, we’re pleased to answer the call for continued innovation with a new tool that will transform factory floors for companies worldwide–Light Guide Stratus.

Leveraging the immersive computing platform Sprout Pro by HP, Light Guide Stratus harnesses the power of AR to deliver a flexible and adaptable platform for assembly processes.

The Stratus system brings a new level of flexibility by integrating the HP Sprout Pro directly into a bench structure to increase display surface area and free up critical space on the workstation, which can be used to integrate new types of applications and tools for a particular assembly sequence.

The revolutionary benefits of this AR technology to organizations that adopt it is undeniable.

Whereas Light Guide Systems Pro incorporated our proprietary software into the HP Sprout Pro PC platform, Light Guide Stratus takes it a step further by accounting for user experience with a flexible and repeatable design that opens up a workspace to tackle any process or application—no matter how complex or challenging.

“HP’s Sprout Pro with Light Guide Systems reduces training time and improves quality in manufacturing assembly through projection and scanning in an augmented reality platform,” said Louis Kim, vice president and general manager of Immersive Computing, HP Inc. “Light Guide Stratus demonstrates the flexibility of the Sprout Pro platform combined with Light Guide’s innovative leadership.”

Designed to be versatile, intuitive and user-friendly, Light Guide Stratus utilizes all of the Sprout Pro platform features—including 2D and 3D sensors and two built-in displays used to transform objects from the physical to digital space—to allow for innumerable applications in the manufacturing, design, education, electronics and commercial fields.

Light Guide Stratus is now available worldwide and can be seen in action at the Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois, from October 23-25. Contact us today to learn more about the applications for this cutting-edge manufacturing AR technology in your organization. 

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Paul Ryznar

Paul Ryznar

Engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Paul Ryznar created Light Guide Systems and is the founder, president and CEO of Wixom, Mich.-based OPS Solutions. The technology uses proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm the completion of complex tasks from automotive assembly to quality control to training. Prior to Light Guide Systems’ invention in 2005, he held senior management roles at Detroit Diesel and Bosch, as well as vice president of production technology at Energy Conversion Devices—more than 30 years of manufacturing experience.
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