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OPS Solutions Uses Augmented Reality to Boost Manufacturing Process

Right now, OPS Solutions is growing at a rocket-ship pace. With a newly expanded headquarters in Wixom and a talented team of engineers, Light Guide Systems’ proprietary AR software is continuing to gain traction among a powerful array of clients in more than a dozen countries around the world.

In a profile story with Xconomy magazine, OPS Solutions President and CEO Paul Ryznar shares insight into the company’s extreme growth pattern, along with his insights into the company’s trajectory and visionary insight into the future of the industry.

Click here to read the full feature story on Xconomy.


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Paul Ryznar

Paul Ryznar

Engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Paul Ryznar created Light Guide Systems and is the founder, president and CEO of Wixom, Mich.-based OPS Solutions. The technology uses proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm the completion of complex tasks from automotive assembly to quality control to training. Prior to Light Guide Systems’ invention in 2005, he held senior management roles at Detroit Diesel and Bosch, as well as vice president of production technology at Energy Conversion Devices—more than 30 years of manufacturing experience.
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