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Light Guide Systems Launches TrainAR Augmented Reality Training System

Earlier this year, we were honored that the independent research company StartUsInsights named Light Guide Systems one of the top Augmented Reality training tools in the world. We make training easy!

This recognition confirmed what our customers have known about Light Guide Systems for a long while: we drive value across a wide variety of industrial applications, and especially for training!  Customers using Light Guide Augmented Reality for training have confirmed significant quality and productivity improvements by enabling employees to be immediately productive on the factory floor and avoiding time-consuming and expensive one-on-one training from more experienced employees.  Customers using Light Guide have doubled throughput and in some cases entirely eliminated errors and defects. The end result is a fast payback, in just weeks, on a Light Guide investment.

We are excited to introduce our new Light Guide TrainAR system.  TrainAR makes creating high impact, immersive training easy.  Built on our industry-leading LightGuideAR software platform, TrainAR integrates a high-powered projector with 3D vision in a ruggedized structure fit for the factory floor or the training lab.”

TrainAR dramatically improves training events by creating a visual “canvas” that can be projected onto any type of part or assembly,  and providing step-by-step work instructions using both visual and audible guidance and prompts. Once a trainee has successfully passed the lesson test on the system, TrainAR issues a digital “certification”. 

TrainAR also comes pre-loaded with standard training templates, and a simple programming environment that makes creating your lessons fast and simple.  TrainAR includes all required software and hardware, an easy to assemble workstation, and pre-programmed calibration routines.  TrainAR users will be able to assemble and calibrate the system within a few hours and be ready to create and deliver high-impact training.

For more information on TrainAR, including detailed specifications and an introductory video, visit us at or call us at +1.248.374.8000

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Chris Bala

Chris Bala

Chris Bala is the Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing, at Light Guide Systems. Chris has over 30 years of engineering, marketing, sales, and strategy experience, all within the technology and automotive sectors. At Light Guide Systems, Chris has responsibility for managing our sales team and channel partner relationships, in addition to all aspects of marketing including product management and digital marketing initiatives. Chris has a great passion for leading the Light Guide team in our Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation market pursuits.
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