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Working with Light Guide Systems: Our Team Shares Their Own Enterprise AR Case Studies

Here at OPS Solutions, we’re constantly thinking about new ways of using augmented reality to overcome complex operational challenges.

In working with world-class manufacturers across a wide variety of industries, each member of our team has had the opportunity to work on rewarding projects that have made a profound impact on our company and clients.

In this post, they recall some of their shining moments and share case study-worthy examples of how we’re using practical AR technology to drive innovation in manufacturing facilities around the world.

Steve Griffin | Senior Director AR Sales 

On a headcover installation for a large automobile manufacturer, we challenged our team to use standard sensors in a new way. The customer was having problems with different operators stretching the gasket in different ways, which was causing quality defects.

Light Guide Systems was able to standardize the installation process and make sure all of the operators were doing it the same way every time. It was a challenge verifying with vision on small-tolerance areas in such a tight environment, but we did it and the customer was thrilled.

Mike Koper, CmfgT, CmfgE, PEM, CoP, CMRP | Senior Director Augmented Reality Solutions

I was once tasked with updating a part-picking and packaging cell for a large OEM manufacturer. With an aggressive installation date, we had a narrow window to integrate our Light Guide Systems technology into their facility before a scheduled audit. I’m proud to say our team rallied together to ensure the system was ready on time for the audit.

Our augmented reality technology provided a 100% part verification of the pick/pack process. The automaker, auditors and supply chain leaders were pleased with the performance of our software, and the auditors awarded our customer the highest score ever administered for a new facility!

The size of the system, along with the time constraints, provided many challenges. However, the ability to create an error-proof system and no-faults-forward packing process was highly rewarding. Our AR technology now prevents the company from needing to outsource packing corrections.

Miranda Perry | Software Engineer

When I first started at OPS Solutions, I was tasked with the challenge of calibrating a custom Light Guide System we had already implemented at an automotive manufacturing facility. The system consisted of projectors, machine vision cameras and laser encoders all working together to project onto the underbody of a moving vehicle.

The math involved was very complex and exciting! We spent hours collecting data points that related our projector space to the camera space, and both to actual space. The resulting system was very impressive. This was long before we developed the Observatory–our program that allows you to analyze the 3D space a camera is capturing–which would have made things a lot easier at the time.

Courtney Myers | AR System Design Engineer 

One of the best things about Light Guide Systems is that it’s not dependent on any particular hardware. This allows us to work with just about anything our customers already have and pushes us towards constant innovation.

This value is such an integral part of what we do that, on my very first day, I was given an I/O block I had never seen before and tasked with making it talk to our enterprise AR software—which I had also never seen before. The project was a bit daunting, but with a couple datasheets and some timely advice from coworkers, the I/O block was successfully integrated with Light Guide Systems and is now of our go-to devices.

Mikayla Ray | AR Software Engineer

We have two stations at a large automotive interiors supplier, one for the assembly of an instrument panel and another for the inspection of said panel. The data they need to collect at each station is fundamentally different, but both are incredibly insightful to different points in the process. These stations show how multiple Light Guide Systems on a line can successfully complement each other.

We demonstrated our Live Data Viewer on these stations in late January 2018. The technology was able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each station with analytical data, which then allowed the customer to adapt their processes in order to increase productivity across the two stations.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for the next exciting opportunity and ready to solve any manufacturing problem. Send us a message if there’s a challenge you need help tackling.  


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Brian Close

Brian Close

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