From automotive to medical, Light Guide’s augmented reality tools are applicable to diverse industries and are currently in use at industry leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world.


  • High mix assembly
  • Offline kitting and sequencing
  • Inspection throughout body shop, paint, and final/trim


  • Identify and place components on boards
  • PCBA rework stations with input from automated inspection systems
  • Low volume inspection and testing


  • Device manufacturing and packaging
  • Inspection and component verification
  • Instrument cleaning and sterilization


  • Guided step-by-step manual inspection with full traceability
  • Locating components for manual assembly and machine shop applications
  • Improving quality and productivity in legacy manual processes

Heavy Equipment

  • Locating weld points for welded accessories
  • Paint masking
  • High mix assembly for custom builds

Oil and Gas

  • Weld layup
  • Inspection of seals, features, and components
  • Preventative maintenance and repair

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