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A Day in the Life of an AR Applications Engineer

To help you learn a little bit more about what it’s like working at OPS Solutions, we’re starting a new series featuring some of the talented people that are helping us revolutionize the enterprise augmented reality industry. First up is Brad Foley, an AR Applications Engineer on our crew.

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LGS is designed with the customer in mind, providing tools that can increase efficiency and enable greater customization on the factory floor.

Manufacturers with manual assembly processes face a number of challenges, including meeting quality standards and production quotas, keeping costs low and keeping their operations flexible and scalable enough to meet a changing demand.


Utilizing a patented projection system and the latest augmented reality tech, LGS can:

  • Install seamlessly onto workstations or assembly lines.
  • Project color-coded, animated light beams and visual prompts in the form of text, symbols, graphics, blueprints or video on any workstation or off-line training area.
  • Eliminate operator reliance on printed work instructions, computer screens or memory for assembly guidance through the use of intelligent VDFs.
  • Guide operators through tasks and confirm that each step was properly completed.
  • Automatically record production times, leading to real-time data and analytics.
  • Error-proof operations, despite increased part variation in the assembly line.
  • Run continuously in nearly any industry or assembly environment.


LGS is comprised of proprietary software, touch screen HMI (human machine interface), PC, and a specialized, factory-robust DLP projector mounted over the work area.


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