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Why Companies Like Apple Are Betting Big on The Future of Augmented Reality

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the iPhone X and iPhone 8. These devices were tailor-made for Apple’s new augmented reality (AR) platform, ARKit—a vital part of the company’s new iOS 11 software, which allows developers to create apps that integrate digital experiences with the physical world.

This could mean anything from testing out a piece of furniture in your living room to playing video games that become part of your physical environment, all through your phone screen. The possibilities are endless, and big businesses like Apple are already anticipating what the future of augmented reality could hold.

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A Day in the Life of an AR Applications Engineer

To help you learn a little bit more about what it’s like working at OPS Solutions, we’re starting a new series featuring some of the talented people that are helping us revolutionize the enterprise augmented reality industry. First up is Brad Foley, an AR Applications Engineer on our crew.

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Light Guide products

Light Guide Systems Enterprise AR products are designed with the customer in mind, providing tools that can increase efficiency and enable greater customization on the factory floor. Our Enterprise AR products solve a number of challenges facing manufacturers, including meeting quality standards and production quotas, keeping costs low, and making their operations flexible and scalable enough to meet a changing demand. Our Enterprise AR products utilize our patented  LightGuide AR Software Engine and the latest industrial AR technologies.


  • Install seamlessly onto workstations or assembly lines.
  • Project color and animated visual prompts in the form of text, graphics, blueprints or video.
  • Eliminate operator reliance on printed work instructions, computer screens or memory for guidance.
  • Guide operators and confirm that each step was properly completed.
  • Automatically record production times, leading to real-time data and analytics.
  • Error-proof operations, despite increased part variation.
  • Run continuously in nearly any industry or manuafcturing environment.

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Human Potential
with Augmented
Reality Manufacturing

Light Guide Systems
is proven to
drive fast ROI’s
through higher quality,
productivity and training
effectiveness for
manual operations

Explore our Light Guide Systems for Augmented Reality Manufacturing videos and see Light Guide At Work by clicking here.

From automakers to medical device manufacturers, Light Guide’s Augmented Reality software for visual workflow enables industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world.


car production line
  • Body-In-White
  • Paint Shop
  • Final Assembly
  • Powertrain
  • Tiered Supply Base

Food & Beverage

cutting a pizza
  • Food & Beverage Factories
  • Centralized Kitchens
  • Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)
  • Flexible Make Tables

Aerospace & Defense

Airplane in the sky
  • Aircraft Fuselage & Interiors
  • Complex Subassemblies
  • Torquing & Fastening
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Inspection & Training

Consumer Goods

  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Children’s Equipment
  • Furniture & Sleeping Products
  • Sporting Equipment & Toys
  • Cleaning & Cooking Products


Circuit board with chips on it
  • Electronic Product Assembly
  • Circuit Boards, Wire Harnesses, and Terminal Blocks
  • Pinpoint Accuracy for Small Form Factor Products

Diverse Manufacturing

  • HVAC Equipment
  • Building Products
  • Office Furnishings
  • Industrial Equipment (Pumps, Motors, Valves)

Heavy Equipment

Industrial Crane operating and lifting an electric generator against sunlight and blue sky
  • Heavy Duty Transportation
  • Construction & Power Generation Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Weld Guidance & Inspection


  • Equipment & Device Manufacturing
  • Surgical Instruments Kitting
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Critical Safety Operations
Light Guide products

Enterprise Augmented Reality Product Portfolio

Light Guide’s Enterprise Augmented Reality visual workflow software helps manufacturers solve numerous operational challenges, including high-quality attainment while meeting production quotas, keeping costs low, and enabling flexible and scalable operations to meet constantly changing demand. Our patented LightGuide AR Software Engine, coupled with the latest computing, projection, and sensor technologies allows our users to create visual work instructions and error-proofing guidance across a wide range of applications.


  • Install seamlessly onto single workstations or across entire assembly lines.
  • Project visual prompts in the form of text, graphics, animations, pictures, drawings, or videos.
  • Eliminate operator reliance on printed work instructions, computer screens or memory for guidance.
  • Provide operator guidance and confirmation that each step was properly completed.
  • Capture full digital traceability: automatically record cycle production times, defects, and variable part data to drive real-time data, analytics, and reporting.
  • Error-proof operations, even in high mix / high variation environments.
  • Interface across the Enterprise via realtime connectivity to both custom MES environments as well as standard platforms (ie, Siemens Mindssphere, Microsoft Azure, and PTC Thingworx

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