Introducing TrainAR™

  • Turnkey AR training system – all hardware and software included
  • Ruggedized hardware for the factory or the training lab
  • Quickly create self-paced, immersive training modules
  • Documented Results: Doubles throughput, eliminates errors
  • System payback in just weeks!

Light Guide Systems, the leader in Industrial Augmented Reality (AR), is proud to introduce the new Light Guide TrainAR system. TrainAR is a turnkey system for creating high impact, immersive training.  Built on our industry leading LightGuideAR software platform, TrainAR integrates a high-powered projector with 3D vision in a ruggedized structure fit for the factory floor or the training lab.

Key TrainAR Features Include:

• Create, edit and deploy training modules quickly and easily
• Included templates implement best practices for world-class AR content creation
• Create modules for overviews, step-by-step lessons, and certification testing
• Set up new trainees, issue and manage digital certifications
• Real time data viewer tracks and displays key training metrics on the monitor
• Collect and retain detailed records of training experiences

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